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An Oasis 
For Body, Mind And Spirit you clean your house, think
 about Clearing your Space too...
House/Business/Land Clearing $33 
we will show 
you how to maintain your house, business or 
land after we have cleared it. 
You might say I'm a House Whisperer....
I talk to the Spirits of the land or 
the Spirits in the house.

Live In The Moment,
Speak From The Heart,
And Don't Forget To Say,
 " I Love You "
To Friends And Family
Every Day.
‎" This is why it is vitally important to send light to people whose attitudes or deeds you regard as detestable, to try to influence a " lighter"approach in their activities. Verbal or written 
pleas may or may not touch their conscience, 
as that layer of the soul atrophies when its messages are ignored time after time after time, and light reaching their 
" entire " souls is the only way to help them literally " get in " while it is true that one to whom light is sent may choose not to receive it, 
it is just as true that ONLY light with its healing love energy can eliminate hatred, violence, oppression and warring in the hearts of humankind. Retaliation in kind never will do it ! 

Think of Earth's history
did the first war on the planet end all fighting for control and result in peace, harmony and kindness? No war ever guarantees anything except 
more of itself until light enters the scenario. The souls who are inclined toward darkness in their thinking and doing aren't able to produce light 
in themselves, so they can neither uplift their own motives and deeds 
nor influence any others toward benevolence. 
That's why love must be generated elsewhere and sent to them. 
When it is sent in such abundance that you could almost term it a 
" love assault " it cannot be ignored because the energy of it is too powerful. As the most powerful energy in the universe, love IS Creation, 
and where there is light, darkness simply cannot exist"
 Illuminations for a New Era A Matthew book with Suzanne Ward

Give the gift of healing. 
Gift Certificates are available for Healing Sessions,
Distance Healing Sessions,  Ceremonial Herbs, 
and all that Earth Star has to offer. 

Each Healing Modality has a 
Gift Certificate Button at the bottom of the page .
Please make sure we have a name, email address and phone 
number of the recipient so we can book an appointment 
for healing or shopping. 
We can also ship anywhere in the US. 
Let us know how we can help you.
It is time to Honor our Grandmothers, Listen when your Elders Speak.
 Thank the water, pray for the water, bless the water,
without it we would not be here.